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  • SSW F-104 S service pack, version 4.0.6

    April 26 2015, 08:30 ZULU, see Service packs

    1. APPLIES TO P3D 2.x ONLY
    2. It must be applied to version 4.0.5
    3. It should solve a problem with NASAR R21-G radar
    4. It sets the barcodes for all UBUNTU models.
    5. It contains also service pack 4.0.4, 4.0.3
  • April 7 2015, 16:30 ZULU vACMI version 2.6.6 for P3D 2.x

    April 7 2015, 16:30 ZULU, see Service packs

    1. APPLIES TO P3D 2.5 ONLY
    2. This incremental version 2.6.7 is released as a service pack and must be applied to an already installed Vacmi version 2.6.5 for P3D 2.x
    3. It fixes a bug related to P3D 2.5, vACMI battle order generation.
  • January 29 2015, 07:30 ZULU vACMI version 1.6.8 for FSX/P3D14

    January 29 2015, 07:30 ZULU, see Service packs

    1. This incremental version needs to be applied to vACMI version 1.6.7, it won't install on previous versions.
    2. It fixes a nasty and subtle bug able to clog the P3D server into multiplayer environment.
    3. Users that have problems with proper vACMI activation and connection in P3D v. 1.4 should try to donwload and substitute the legacy dll we provide into service packs.