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  • SSW intends to produce military aircraft models, realistic scenarios, and more serve to make flight simulation as attractive as possible.
  • SSW is oriented to Microsoft Flight Simulator X®  and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® but do not rule out turning attention to other simulators in the future. 


  1. Alessandro ,from Italy, it belongs to a civilian air rescue unit, takes care of textures and sounds;
  2. Andrea, from Italy, aka "the doctor", is a  service contractor, it works on help desk
  3. Bonnie, from Italy,  graphic expert, he works on 3D models and textures;
  4. Davide, from Italy, it studies at Milan "POLITECNICO" University, aerospace engineering, actually develops vACMI on server side, systems and gauges.
  5. Depy, aka Francesco, from Italy, he works as realtor, it works on scenery development, flight tests and helpdesk
  6. Diego, from Spain, orthopedic surgeon, he works on flight dynamics;
  7. Emanuele, from Italy, he works on 3D models and textures;
  8. Federico, from Italy, it belongs to an Italian Air Force Search an Rescue unit, takes care of sounds;
  9. Marcin, from Poland, lives in Luxembourg, ICT Project Manager with 19 years of professional experience in software development.  works for a large international organisation.
  10. Mario, from Italy, former F104 pilot in Italian Air Force, now retired , system C/C++ programmer, he works on C/C++/XML/Lua programming for sytems and gauges. He's the SSW head and co-founder.
  11. Rob, from Netherlands, it takes care of VTOL gauges and in general non-FSX dynamics;
  12. Roy, from USA, former RAF pilot, he takes care of flight dynamics and systems.
  13. Russel, from United Kingdom, he works on effects and static modelling.

Breaking news

  • vACMI 6.7.0 has been published
    • New for P3D v 4.x ONLY
    • New and advanced feautures, Free download.

    visit "FREE STUFF"


    ** WARNING**

    • The SSW support forum has been badly hacked, therefore we had closed it,
    • User should use the help desk to get support.

    Apologize for inconvenience.